The Next Dor Conversation

The Next Dor Conversation
October 24-25, Clinton Inn Hotel
Tenafly, New Jersey

If you missed it (or just want to relive it), audio of the main sessions available at NextDor Online, pictures on Flickr 

Next Dor is about engaging Young Jewish Adults (YJA’s) where they are – personally,havdallah professionally, geographically, and spiritually, but aspires to bring them where they want to be.

Join us for a conversation about…

  • The emerging lessons and implications from our on-the-ground engagement work in 2009-2010
  • The distinctive features of this relationally based engagement model
  • The challenges facing congregations as centers of young adult engagement
  • And, ultimately, how S3K is building the Next Dor Network and how you can become a part

tribeSynagogue 3000’s Next Dor (Next “generation,” in Hebrew) initiative engages young Jewish adults (YJAs) using advanced and innovative thinking growing out of the research, experience, and experimentation at a half dozen sites throughout North America. To date, Next Dor’s six pilot congregations have pioneered methods of engagement in diverse locales; Washington D.C., St. Louis, Marin County, Miami, Atlanta and New York. Among other YJA engagement projects, Next Dor stakes new ground by a distinctive ethos and combination of features …

  • It emphasizes building long-term commitment to Jewish life rather than momentary programming
  • It espouses the principles of relational organizing (personal relationships are intrinsic to building community) Its approach is avowedly non-judgmental (everyone is welcome)
  • It embraces social justice as critical to providing meaningful opportunities for involvement It builds long-term engagement through lasting friendships It builds spirituality, understanding that people seek meaningful lives
  • It is marked by inter-personal and intellectual honesty (no conversations are out of bounds)
  • It is grounded in the belief that Jewish tradition is innately enriching
  • Its operations are congregationally based

Join Synagogue 3000 for, “The Next Dor Conversation.” The Next Dor Conversation takes place on October 24-25, 2010, at the Clinton Inn Hotel, Tenafly, New Jersey.

The Conversation begins at 4:00 PM Sunday, October 24 and continues through 4:00tribe2 PM Monday the 25th. This is a conversation rather than a conference – not to lecture at but to interface with those who are successfully engaging YJA’s and those committed to the next generation.

The Conversation meets at the Clinton Inn Hotel, 145 Dean Drive, Tenafly, NJ 07670, (201) 871-3200, easily accessible from both Newark and LaGuardia airports. The cost is $375 per team of up to six participants (meals are included and student discounts are available). We highly encourage you to bring at least two representatives and encourage you to consider at least one of those to be a YJA from your community. Rooms are $109 plus tax per night. Be sure to identify yourself as part of the Synagogue 3000 group when making your reservation.The conference fee also includes the first year’s introductory subscription to become a Next Dor Affiliate for qualified synagogues.

Next Dor for those dedicated to the next generation



4:00P Opening Ritual 
4:30-5:30 How did we get here? Steven Cohen presents the first Next Dor survey
5:30-6 Hors d’ oeuvres / meet and mingle
6:00-7:30 Our first year experience: The Next Dor pilot sites present, Q&A
7:45 Dinner
8:45 Larry Hoffman presents The Next Dor Vision
9:15 Josh Nelson, Michelle Citrin, Shira Kline – musical program
7:30-8:30A Shacharit (two tefillah options, Next Dor and traditional)
8:30-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-9:30 What do senior rabbis say about Next Dor? Susan Talve and Danny Zemel tell us.
9:30-10:15 Introducing our experts and Open Space
10:15-10:30 Break/snack
10:30-11:20 Open Space 1
11:20-11:30 Break/snack
11:30-12:20 Open Space 2
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:45-2:30 Open Space 3
2:30-2:45 Break
2:45-3:15 What do board members say about Next Dor? Jim Grien tells us
3:15-3:50 Next Dor – Ron Wolfson explains how you’re now part of this new frontier
3:50p Closing ritual

 Join the S3K team and our pilot site professionals,  

  • Rabbi Rachel Bregman, Atlanta
  • Jim Grien, Atlanta
  • Marc Hurwitz, Miami
  • Rabbi Rick Jacobs, Westchester, NY
  • Rabbi Noa Kushner, Marin County
  • Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz, Miami
  • Jon Prosnit, Westchester, NY
  • Vanessa Ressler, Miami
  • Yoni Sarasson, St. Louis
  • Rabbi Susan Talve, St. Louis
  • Rabbi Danny Zemel, Washington D.C.
along with a group of distinguished colleagues including:
Lisa Alter Krule Northbrook IL
Jennifer Arndt Providence RI
David Arndt Providence RI
Victor Appell New York NY
Andy Arenson Closter NJ
Noah Arnow Voorhees NJ
Julia Appel Brookline MA
Leah Berkowitz Durham NC
Rosalie Boxt Kensington MD
Laurie Blitzer New York NY
Dave Borden Buffalo NY
Lindsey Black Caldwell NJ
Karen Barth New York NY
Pascale Bishop Chicago IL
Jonathan Blake Scarsdale NY
Daniel Brenner New York NY
Michael Blum Voorhees NJ
Lori Berman Aspen CO
Emilie Botbol Highland Park IL
Melissa Cohavi Stamford CT
Melissa Conn Los Angeles CA
Martin Cole Los Angeles CA
Rachel Cole Los Angeles CA
Ken Chasen Los Angeles CA
Elliot Cosgrove New York NY
Larry Cooley Washington DC
Marc Disick Stamford CT
Ali Drumm Highland Park IL
Jamie Dubey San Rafael CA
Ellen Dreskin Kensington MD
David Danish Dallas TX
Erika Eskenazi DeWitt NY
David Elias St. Louis MO
Joshua Franklin Stamford CT
Avi Fink Posen Winnipeg MB
Adina Frydman White Plains NY
Don Friend San Francisco DC
Jane Friedman San Rafael CA
Catherine Fischer Philadelphia PA
Jason Fruithandler New York NY
Marina Fanning Washington DC
William Friedlieb Glen Cove NY
Bill Firestone Springfield MA
Howard Goldberg Albany NY
Ariella Goldfein New York NY
Dru Greenwood New York NY
Laurie Green Buffalo NY
Tiffany Green West Bloomfield MI
Sam Gordon Wilmette IL
James Goldman New York NY
Eliezer Greenberg Washington DC
Alyssa Genshaft Aspen CO
Jim Grien Atlanta GA
Archie Gottesman Summit NJ
Melissa Galfond Aventura FL
Jessica Gurtman Springfield NJ
Amy Hertz Pittsburgh PA
Dena Herrin Philadelphia PA
Irwin Huberman Glen Cove NY
Nikki Hamburger Providence RI
Marnee Horesh San Rafael CA
Kathy Hecht Franklin Lakes NJ
Rick Jacobs Scarsdale NY
Jim Judd Franklin Lakes NJ
Jennifer Kaluzny West Bloomfield MI
Molly Kane Brooklyn NY
Judith Kempler Pinecrest FL
Renana Keynes Kensington MD
Marti Kerner Kensington MD
Esther Kartus Caldwell NJ
Jay Kaiman Atlanta GA
Lynne Kushner Atlanta GA
Kathy Kahn New York NY
Lanie Katzew New York NY
Leora Kaye New York NY
Lori Koffman New York NY
Terry Kaye Springfield NJ
Marion Lev-Cohen New York NY
Debbie Lurie Caldwell NJ
Ariel Lyons-Warren St. Louis MO
Michael Laufer New York NY
Lisa Lieberman Barzilai New York NY
Brittany Lakin Starr Chicago IL
Sari Laufer New York NY
Adina Lewittes Closter NJ
Beverly Lerner Cherry Hill NJ
Glinda Lofton Chicago IL
Sara Losch Franklin Lakes NJ
Richard Moline Northbrook IL
Arel Moodie DeWitt NY
Sarah Mack Providence RI
Jill Maderer Philadelphia PA
Ed Malberg New York NY
Jamie Marx Hoboken NJ
Chris Meyer Franklin Lakes NJ
Alyssa Mollo King of Prussia PA
Geri Newburge Cherry Hill NJ
Mara Nathan Larchmont NY
Jon Prosnit Brooklyn NY
David Pasteelnick New York NY
Micah Peltz Cherry Hill NJ
Michelle Rich Edison NJ
Vanessa Ressler Miami Beach FL
Anne Richardson Northbrook IL
Debbie Rosen Caldwell NJ
Lauren Rosenberg Atlanta GA
Steven Rein New York NY
Lisa Rubin New York NY
Peter Rubinstein New York NY
Amanda Ross Voorhees NJ
Amy Rothman Larchmont NY
Sadie Rosenthal New York NY
Terry Rosenberg Jamaica Plain MA
Bruce Rockman North Brunswick NJ
Harry Silverman Boca Raton FL
Robert Scheinberg Hoboken NJ
Charles Savenor Northbrook IL
Rachel Steiner Franklin Lakes NJ
Ian Staniloff Winnipeg MB
Ben Spratt New York NY
Deborah Shub Buffalo Grove IL
Alyson Solomon Santa Barbara CA
David Schwarz Springfield NJ
Ariana Silverman West Bloomfield MI
Ben Silkes Buffalo NY
Alan Silverstein Caldwell NJ
Amy Sutter Philadelphia PA
Keith Sutter Philadelphia PA
Jordan Samiljan New York NY
Jeffrey Sirkman Larchmont NY
Elizabeth Sacks New York NY
Michelle Slonim New York NY
David Starr Chicago IL
Rollin Simmons Aspen CO
Emily Sigal New York NY
Matthew Soffer Boston MA
Eva Stern New York NY
Jessica Sarter Scarsdale NY
Kim Schweitzer Plainview NY
Michael Swirnoff Glen Cove NY
Amy Small Summit NJ
Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin North Brunswick NJ
Rachel Timoner Los Angeles CA
Taron Tachman Chicago IL
Cathi Turow Sea Cliff NY
Amit Weitzer West Bloomfield MI
Amit Weitzer West Bloomfield MI
Gayle Wieseneck Caldwell NJ
Larry Weinberg New York NY
Jonathan Woocher New York NY
Grace Wichmann Houston TX
Ben Wolf New York NY
Robert Wolkoff North Brunswick NJ
Emily Young Durham NC
Mimi Zimmerman Dallas TX
and conversation partners,
  • Michelle Citrin, Brooklyn
  • Lila Foldes, Brooklyn, NY
  • Rabbi David Ingber, New York, NY
  • Rabbi Jill Jacobs, New York, NY
  • Shira Kline, Brooklyn, NY 
  • Rabbi Jamie Korngold, Boulder, CO
  • Josh Nelson, Brooklyn, NY
  • Rabbi Brent Spodek, New York, NY

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