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Synagogue 3000 is pioneering the field of synagogue studies, working with partners in the fields of anthropology, congregational studies, ethnomusicology, Jewish studies, religious studies, sociology, and theology.

Synagogue 3000/Synagogue Studies Institute is the Jewish research voice in the Cooperative Congregations Studies Partnership, which conducts the semidecadal Faith Communities Today (FACT) study, the largest survey of American congregations. FACT 2005 included a special sample of Synagogue 2000 alumni congregations, in order to generate a profile of S2K synagogues relative to congregations in the country as a whole. This information was critical for those interested in the complexity of synagogue life in the new century. Additionally, S3K did a sampling of all synagogues in the country and received responses from leaders in 1,215 synagogues for the FACT 2010 report. This survey resulted in two S3K Reports: Reform and Conservative Congregations: Different Strengths, Different Challenges and And now the rest of the story….

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