Synagogue 2000: Limud

Intro to Limud PDF

This curriculum considers the role of learning in sacred community. It gives one the concepts and vocabulary necessary to think about what Jewish learning is, why it is important, what its goals ought to be, and how to make the synagogue a place where learning happens everywhere. The curriculum is designed to enable lay leaders to assist professionals in taking moral responsibility for the Jewish education in one’s congregation.

Family Limud PDF

A curriculum that studies Education based on the following three assumptions:

  1. Jewish Family Education is a process and a series of relationships that provide families with tools and resources over time.
  2. Jewish Family Education is a constant process of networking and empowering.
  3. Jewish Family Education is a “context” which should include everything from the synagogue membership process to the way the High Holydays are celebrated.

Adult Limud PDF

This curriculum allows the team to define Jewish literacy, explore the motivations of the adult learner, see the entire synagogue as an educational tool, and share best practices in adult Jewish learning from national models as well as our ancient tradition.