Synagogue 3000 advisor and consultant Rabbi Rami Arian wrote this case study on Temple Micah and Next Dor DC for Faith Communities Today’s (FACT) 2012 annual meeting. In the report, Arian gives a brief history of the Next Dor initiative at Micah and chronicles its evolution as a catalyst for young Jewish adult engagement as …

MIAMI BEACH — Settling into their seats for Rosh Hashana service, the twentysomethings instinctively reached for their cellphones to turn them off, anticipating an admonition they hear often at synagogue. Then they looked up at the white screen behind the rabbi: Pray. Write. Text. And text they did for nearly 90 minutes, sending out regrets, …

U.S. Jewish congregational life is showing signs of stagnation, with few young adults, many older members and more than adequate sanctuary space, according to a new survey of Jewish congregational life. The survey, which included responses from leaders in 1,215 synagogues, offers the most comprehensive view of Reform and Conservative movement congregations to date. Conducted by sociologist Steven M.

The Synagogue 3000 family joins the community in mourning the death of our friend and teacher Debbie Friedman.

Debbie loved teaching and she loved people. She had the gift of creating an instant bond with her “students.” Once her music became so universally recognized, her appearances became more like folk rock concerts, everyone singing along on every song. Except one. When Debbie began singing her Mi Shebeirach and the crowd began to sing, Debbie would gently hush them. “Don’t sing,” she would whisper. “This is for you.” What a gift she gave us in that moment.

Debbie Friedman

“doing jewish stuff” – an experiment called NITA

Nita (Hebrew for, “We will plant, we will grow”) is an experiment in “doing Jewish” differently. As one of Synagogue 3000’s Next Dor pilots, Nita has spent the last year plus creating a new model of community led by Rabbi Noa Kusher who describes her rabbinate as “… one part sales, one part emunah (faith), and one part chutzpah – a stubborn refusal to give up on my generation of Jews.”