Beginning with the establishment of Synagogue 2000 in 1994, co-founded by Dr. Ron Wolfson of the American Jewish University and Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, S2K/S3K created graduate-level curricula for congregational teams interested in synagogue transformation, “S3K Reports” – action research accounts of promising trends in synagogue life, and a variety of other materials. All these are collected here, available free of charge, for professionals and lay leaders alike. These resources are now under the conservatorship of the Synagogue Studies Institute, Inc.

The institute seeks to continue making the resources collected by S2K/S3K available in perpetuity as well as curate and convene conversations about Synagogue research. The SSI is the synagogue participant in the Faith Communities Today (FACT) http://faithcommunitiestoday.org, a series of ongoing research surveys and practical reports about congregational life, conducted and published by the Cooperative Congregations Studies Partnership, a multi-faith group of religious researchers and faith leaders.


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Rabbi Aaron Spiegel